Why we created Patriot List: The Story

Why :

In 2004, a year remembered in military circles for the ferocity of its fighting, Supko was deployed to the Iraqi city of Fallujah. One afternoon, a fellow warrior walked into the command center after a satellite phone call home. Visibly distraught, he informed Supko that his wife had been robbed at gunpoint while selling an old family car through an online classifieds site.

“The last thing deployed service members should have to worry about is loved ones at home being robbed or scammed,” said Supko. “We launched PatriotList.US because we saw a tremendous opportunity to serve our nation’s 22 million military and veteran families by creating a safe peer-to-peer marketplace.”

“Unlike the most commonly used marketplaces in the United States, where anonymity and safety concerns remain constant, there is trust and reliability inherent to our military and veteran communities,” said Supko. “Military and veteran families already keep faith with one another and prefer to do business with each other. We’re just making that easier.”

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Patriot List, is a service disabled, veteran owned small business, founded in 2014 and home based in San Francisco, CA. Patriot List is an agile software company that provides a safe, simple, and social internet website and mobile application for its clients. Patriot List’s core technology is a secure social market mobile application that allows only verified users to buy, sell, or trade products safely within their military and government communities. Patriot List Inc. is a privately held, C Corporation incorporated in the state of Nevada.

Patriot List successfully solves a major problem faced by other peer-to-peer market platforms by removing anonymity through its validation/verification process. For additional safety regarding payment, sellers are able to choose between Patriot List’s Escrow Payment system utilizing credit/debit cards and a twenty-four-hour return policy or PayPal / cash, with no return policy.

Patriot List’s expertise spans large-scale software engineering, big data, human computer interaction, psychology, and machine learning. Our knowledge and experience in technology combined with our familiarity with military communities sets us apart from other such internet companies. The Patriot List platform’s focus on safety through PII obfuscation during each step of the transaction process and multiple payment options sets us apart from the competition. This makes Patriot List a perfect tool to help our service men and women and their families stay safe when buying and selling within their local military communities. Additionally, Patriot List is a solution that will help to reduce the burden of over 600,000 annual PCS moves worldwide through its ability to bring all peer-to-peer transactions under a single and safe mobile application.