Used Clothing | Fashion Recycling Is All The Rage

used clothing

Selling used clothing or slightly used clothing online is so retro and so cool. It’s like being fashion-forward and environmentally conscious all at the same time. And, when you’re buying and selling used clothing online is just like having a garage sale or going to a second hand store. You can make some quick cash or find some hidden little gems.

Many people go through their closets once or twice a year, sometimes more. Closet clean outs are the perfect time to be realistic about that smaller size you may never get back into. Or perhaps you want to get rid of the larger size you don’t want to get back into. Additional items you may want to sell include shoes, hand bags, jewelry, etc. Here are a few tips to consider when selling used clothing and accessories:

With just a few steps to prepare your used clothing, you can be on your way to making some decent cash. And even better, selling good quality used clothing on Zikl, can earn you some seriously good reputation and trust points. Check out our website to find out more about how our members score each other. It’s pretty cool.

Whether you’re looking to sell some of your slightly used clothing or pick up a few pieces of your own, try Zikl on for size. We think our local, member-driven site will look good on you!