It Takes a Village (and to Raise a Child

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It Takes a Village (and to Raise a Child


You’ve probably heard of the phrase “It takes a village to raise a child”. But what if you’ve just moved to a new place where you don’t know anybody? Or what if you’re not on good terms with your family and can’t exactly reach out to them? How exactly will you build the village that will help you raise your kid?

These questions aren’t easy to answer, but there are ways to at least find a solution to this problem. One thing you can do is to use By taking this step, you’ll get to:


Earn money for your child

Raising a child properly can be difficult, particularly if your budget is tight. Fortunately, you can ease the situation a bit by selling things you no longer need on By doing this, you won’t only clear your house of clutter but you’ll also turn your stuff into cash and earn extra money without making a lot of effort.


But what exactly can you sell on Well, you can sell virtually anything, as long as it’s in great condition and you think somebody can find a use for it. If your child has outgrown his crib, for example, why not sell it on This way, you won’t have to throw away a perfectly usable crib, and you can earn some cash while helping new parents get a crib for less than the price at department stores.


Find clothes, toys, and other things at affordable prices isn’t just a place to sell stuff you no longer want; it’s also a place where you can buy things you need, particularly for your child. If he needs new winter boots, for instance, why not search for them on instead of buying a brand-new pair? By doing this, you’ll save a substantial amount of money while ensuring that your child has warm and comfortable footwear that will protect his feet during winter. And here’s the thing: kids outgrow shoes quickly so, once the boots no longer fit your child’s feet, you can re-sell them on (as long as they’re still in good condition, that is!).


Interact with people in your community puts a lot of emphasis on community, which means you won’t only be interacting with mere buyers or sellers but with actual people who live in your town or city. These people might not become your BFFs, but they can help you feel welcome and even help you adjust to your new neighborhood quickly. The woman who sells children’s boots, for example, may be able to recommend a great pediatrician in the area, while the lady who buys your child’s old crib may give you great advice on how to decorate a kid’s bedroom. These may be small things, but they can greatly help you become a better parent and make you feel less lonely. might not be the answer to all your parenthood questions, but it can help you find the village that will help you raise your child.