Recycling and P2P Markets in Caring for the Earth

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The Role of Recycling and P2P Markets in Caring for the Earth

Whether you consider yourself to be a certified tree-hugger or just someone who’s

concerned about the environment, you’re probably looking for ways to take care of the

earth. You may use natural cleaners instead of buying commercial detergents, take steps

to reduce your energy consumption, and properly dispose of your waste to ensure they

won’t pollute the surroundings. All of these are important things to do, but don’t just stop

there. To do your part in caring for Mother Nature, you should also make recycling a


Why is recycling important?

Recycling is something that everyone should learn how to do, from little children to elderly

people and from students to successful business owners. According to research, Americans

waste around one million pounds of materials (including plastic, cans, glass, paper, and

other items that could still be recycled) per person per year. Add this to the fact that there

are now more than 300 million Americans, and you’ll see just how much the country

wastes every year.

Recycling can help curb this trend by ensuring that recyclable materials are isolated and

won’t go to landfills. This, in turn, means lesser pollution for the environment and more

materials to create recycled clothing, homeware, and other useful products.

How can you recycle your stuff?

The most basic thing you can do is to think before throwing anything into the bin. Paper,

soda cans, plastic containers, and glass bottles can be recycled so, instead of dumping

them into the trash can, think of how you can reuse them in your home. Plastic

containers, for instance, can make good flowerpots, while soda cans can be excellent pen

and pencil holders. Glass bottles, meanwhile, can be filled with flowers and used as

decorations during parties and other special events.

Another thing you can do is to sell or give away the things you no longer want or need,

instead of putting them in the trash. If you’re living in the United States, for instance, you

can use P2P markets such as Zikl to advertise the items that you’d like to sell and let other

people know about them. By taking advantage of P2P markets, you can get rid of the

items you no longer use while ensuring that they won’t be taking up space in the landfill.

Of course, you’ll help other people obtain the things they need while earning a decent

amount in the process.

What should you do when using P2P markets?

Before anything else, take a close look at the item you want to sell. If it’s still in excellent

condition, go ahead and sell it; if it’s broken or looks the worse for wear, you may want to

repair it first or give it to a friend or family member who knows how to fix it. Don’t forget

to set the right price for it. Avoid setting a sky-high price that will discourage would-be

buyers, but don’t set a too-low price that won’t even cover shipping and handling fees.

Make recycling a habit and use P2P markets now to help in saving the planet!