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Selling Stuff Online As Part Of The Zikl Community

Selling stuff online has almost become a national pastime. More and more people are looking to online selling as the best way to sell their unwanted goods. While garage sales are not yet obsolete, they are such a bother to organize and run. Plus, it’s no fun getting up early and wasting hours of your…read more

Sell Your Car With Confidence On Zikl

If you want to find a safe and reliable place to sell your car, check out Zikl. We’re a new online community commerce site that specializes in helping people sell their cars and other goods. Are you wondeirng what makes Zikl different from any other community buying and selling site? Here’s the road map for…read more

Secure Way To Sell | Respecting Privacy

With so many questionable options out there, it’s no wonder that people want a secure way to sell their goods online that also protects their privacy. Enter: Zikl. At Zikl, your privacy is a top priority. While we do collect such information as your name, location, and email address, we only use that data to…read more

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Yep…I Want To Sell My Stuff On Zikl

If you’ve been doing some early Spring cleaning and you’re thinking, I need a place to sell my stuff, look no further than Zikl. What is Zikl? We’re glad you asked, and you will be, too, once you hear what we have to say. Zikl is a fresh approach to online community buying and selling.…read more

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Community Selling With Honesty & Integrity

Community selling with Zikl begins with being on the same page. Since our purpose is to provide a safe and secure environment for Zikl members, we want everyone participating on our site to buy in to the idea of honesty and integrity when involved in community selling. It’s the value of trust, responsibility, and accountability…read more


Zikl | Trustworthy Online Commerce

Our mission at Zikl is simple: We want to help communities form a tighter bond through trust and entrepreneurship. We want to foster a world where honest people can do business with each other and not worry about questionable practices. And, we want to support the local marketplace by bringing back solid, straightforward values. How…read more