online garage sale

Online Garage Sale | Treasure Hunting Fun

If you think about it, Zikl is similar to an online garage sale. It’s as if your neighbors have worked together to combine their items and have a large community sale. That’s Zikl. Our community of buyers and sellers conduct transactions within their own communities. This helps boost the local economy and ultimately the community.…read more

selling my car online

Sell Your Car Online | Tips for a Quick Sell

As a member of Zikl, you can sell your car online and earn valuable reputation points along the way. Our member-based selling community focuses on safe and quality selling. And we do it through our reputation-based scoring system. As a member of Zikl, as you buy and sell items you can help build up your…read more

online safe selling

Online Safe Selling | Baby on the way?

If you’re searching for online safe selling to help prepare for your arriving baby, look no further than Zikl. Our unique online safe selling community can be a great place to start buying the items necessary for the baby. On Zikl, you’ll be able to find everything from cribs to changing tables to toys and…read more

safe selling

Safe Selling | How We See Things…

At, safe selling is a priority. In fact, we built our site around the importance of it. You see, we aren’t just another online selling site. We see things and do things a bit differently. One way we differ from other sites is our structure. Our site is made up of members. It’s…read more

buying online

Buying Online | Musical Instruments

When it comes to buying online, the opportunities for great finds are endless. And with the beginning of school upon us, there is no doubt you’re going to need to invest in some choice items for your kids. You know that these costs can really add up, right? But buying online is one option that…read more

sell your stuff online

Sell Your Stuff Online | Looking For Electronics?

If you want to sell your stuff online but you’re not sure how to go about it, give a try. Our online selling community is unique, with a focus on local communities. With us, when you sell your stuff online, you know it’s staying local. And this helps local economies both financially and environmentally.…read more


Online Buying And Selling Is Music To Our Ears

At, we’ve decided that online buying and selling needed a theme song. Yes, a theme song. We had to dig a little deep to bring this one out of the musical archives, but we are firm believers that the oldies are always going to be goodies. Especially when it comes to online buying and…read more

community selling

Safe Buying and Selling Online | Delivery and Returns

When you go into a store you frequent and buy an item, you typically know what to expect. You know the return policy, and you can probably say that the company is reliable. But what about when you buy something online? How can you trust that you’re going to get your items delivered in a…read more

Craigslist alternative | Your Safe Craigslist Alternative

Have you ever been burned when trying to buy or sell online? Are you sick of dealing with online scammers and unreliables?  Are you just done with questionable sites like Craigslist? At Zikl, we totally get where you’re at. That’s why we created as a safe Craigslist alternative. By creating an online marketplace based…read more

sell your stuff online

Buying Stuff Online | As Easy As ISO

Imagine that you need or want something for your home or as a gift. You then have to get in your car, traipse all around town to busy malls and plazas, and try to find the perfect item. What a hassle! But, there is another alternative…buying stuff online! When buying stuff online, you undoubtedly experience…read more