sell your furniture

Sell Your Furniture The Easy Way With Zikl

Looking around your house, you decide it’s time to sell your furniture and update your decor. Your current pieces are in decent shape, so you want them to go to a good home and maybe get a little cash to help buy something new. What do you do?  The landfill is already filled with more…read more

computers for sale Make Money With Better Pictures

  Make Money with Better Pictures – Sell More Effectively So you finally got around to cleaning out the garage and finding out that you have more stuff than you need. It may be time to start selling off those items that are cluttering your garage and make some extra money. Before listing your items…read more

Craigslist alternative: 5 Important Lessons You Can Learn from Micro-Entrepreneurship

A Safe And Reliable Craigslist Alternative

When it is time to buy or sell something online, you now have a safe and reliable Craigslist alternative. is a trusted trade community that does not tolerate scammers or fakers of any kind. also skips the questionable personal advertisements and other unsafe practices that make Craigslist and similar sites so, well…disreputable.…read more

computers for sale

Computers for Sale | A Unique Experience is not your typical online selling site. There is a whole lot more to who we are and how we operate. When you join, what you’ll find is community that has been built with safety, respect, and good citizenship at its heart.  For example, if you are looking for computers for sale, you…read more

alternative to Craigslist

An Alternative to Craigslist You Can Trust

Love the idea of Craigslist but concerned about your personal safety or the sheer number of scams? You are not alone. In fact, that’s exactly why we created Zikl is the first and only secure and truly socially aware alternative to Craigslist. Our premise is simple: We believe that successful communities are built on…read more

selling stuff online

Selling Stuff Online | Online Marketplace

Do you have something that you want to re-home?  Something that you don’t need or want, but it’s too good to simply throw away?  There are options out there such as online market places. But, with many sites out there, you’re putting your finances in the hands of people you don’t know, and in some…read more

sell my stuff

Sell My Stuff With Great Pictures

People may ask the question, “When I sell my stuff on, what is the secret for making a sale quickly?” Well, there may not be one particular trick to answer that question. But one thing we do know for sure: If people can’t really see what you’re selling online, they may not take the…read more

where to sell furniture online

Thinking About Where to Sell Furniture Online

You’ve inherited some beautiful furniture. But, none of it goes with your current decor. And, you just don’t have any room to store it. So, you’re thinking about where to sell furniture online because you know that you won’t get nearly the value if you sell at a garage sale. What is the best choice,…read more

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Here’s a Craigslist Alternative You’ll Love

We’ve all heard at least one scary story about shopping on Craigslist. Although the company’s mission statement was originally clear, it didn’t take long for the less than honest to invade the buying and selling website. It was a great idea with a flawed execution in regards to user safety. That’s why many people are…read more

sell furniture online

Sell Furniture Online the Safe & Easy Way

We all have things we no longer want or need. But deciding how to get rid of them is the challenge. Many choose to hold a yard sale. Although possibly profitable, yard sales aren’t for everyone, especially if you’re selling large or expensive items. For example, it might be easier to sell furniture online than to…read more