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Selling Stuff Online | Wrap Up Your Gift List on Zikl

Selling stuff online can help get you some extra cash for holiday gifts. And on the flip side, you can find some great buys from other people who are selling stuff online. Christmas is almost here but don’t stress it. There’s still time to find something for everyone on your list. And you can find…read more Negotiating a Better Price Negotiating a Better Price Anyone who buys or sells items using online classifieds sites, knows that negotiation is part of the game. If you want a better deal or you feel that the item is overpriced, you negotiate. If you are the seller and the buyer tries to talk you down to a much…read more - Earn some money Safely

Top Items to Sell On Part II

  Top Items to Sell in On Part II In part I of this series, we took a look at some of the top items that sell the best when using Now we are going to take a look at the next five top items to sell using online classifieds sites. These are…read more

Craigslist alternative

A Craigslist Alternative Based On Ethical Practices

As anyone who’s ever dealt with an online marketplace knows, buying and selling on the internet can be a scary experience. Zikl, as a Craigslist alternative, is a refreshing way to make money or to buy items–without worry. With our site, you take out the unknown factors because you’re trading with someone in your local…read more

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Selling My Stuff Before the Holidays

With the holidays nearly here and company a-comin’, people are taking a look at all the “stuff” in their homes and wondering, “Wow, where did it all come from?” Most people have lots of things in their houses that they don’t need anymore. Many have come to the conclusion that selling my stuff is the…read more

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Secure Selling In Your Own Community

When you have something to sell, you don’t have to take chances with online marketplaces where secure selling can be a spin of the roulette wheel. You just never know who you are dealing with. But at Zikl, you can feel comfortable in knowing that the people who are buying and selling are residents of…read more

Zikl: Trust and Safety

Social Responsibility Begins Here

Have you personally experienced or heard of scary stories of  buying and selling online? It would be nice if you could trust everyone you deal with in this world, but unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Not everyone who posts an item for sale online or responds to an ad takes social responsibility seriously. Unfortunately,…read more

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Identity Validation and Safe Payments provides its members with identity validation and a safe way to pay. What happens when a site does not offer identity validation and safe payments? Well Thanks for asking! The local selling sites that do not contain identity validation and safe payments as part of their site or application construct do so for one…read more

best way to sell Your Personal Storefront

  Thinking About Selling Online? Why not create your own personal storefront for free! Have you always wanted to own your own business? Have you wanted to sell your products online but thought it was too difficult or time consuming? Developing your own website is expensive and it does take a lot of time to…read more

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How To Sell Your Car The Right Way

If you are looking for an innovative place to sell your car online, sign up for a free membership at As a safe community of sellers and buyers, we are not like some other site you may have used. How easy is it to sell your car online with Really easy. In fact,…read more