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Spot signs of fake inquiries to make money online

4 Signs of Fake Inquiries and How to Deal with Them With the popularity of e-commerce, it has been easier for business-minded individuals to make money online via online marketing sites where you can post goods for sale for free. However, just like in any other business, it is important to be wary of scams.…read more

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Price for your goods

5 Factors to Consider in Setting the Price for Your Goods Whether you are selling your unwanted stuff for extra money or to downsize, it is always important to make a profit or at least get the monetary equivalent of a possession you are parting with. However, unless you have been doing this for a…read more

sell my furniture online

Sell My Furniture Online | Safe Selling

If you’re asking how you can sell my furniture online, look no further than Zikl. There are a variety of reasons why people choose to sell their items online. Perhaps they are redecorating or they have moved into a smaller home. In fact, downsizing into smaller homes seems to be a trend for many families…read more

selling my car online

Selling My Car Online | Tips for Quick Success

We hear it a lot, I need help selling my car online. That’s not a problem when you’re a Zikl member. While it may be new for some, many people have seen much success selling their cars online. Just like selling other items online, there are a few things you can do that will help…read more

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Sell Stuff Online & Benefit Your Community

Sometimes in the midst of our hectic schedules, we can forget the important things in life. The things we possess can often give a clear, though imperfect, picture of who we really are. Do we want people to see us for what we have or for who we are? When the stuff we have in…read more

alternative to Craigslist

Your Positive Alternative to Craigslist

Most people are familiar with Craigslist. It’s been around for many years, and it started out with great intentions. But, somehow, things are not as they should be with this online marketplace. There are too many opportunities for things to go wrong. That’s one reason Zikl was created. As an alternative to Craigslist, Zikl not…read more

Zikl sign up

Zikl Sign Up Is As Easy–And As Sweet–As Pie

With Zikl sign up, you can get immediate access to a safe and secure online marketplace. Whether you have items to sell or you’re looking to buy, Zikl offers protection that will make any transaction in your area as easy as pie. And, when you go through the Zikl sign up process, you will get…read more

where to sell my stuff

Where To Sell My Stuff | Christmas Overflow

Recovered from Christmas yet? Do you still have your unwrapped gifts under the tree because you have no idea where to put them? At this point, you’re probably thinking about where to sell my stuff? Right? The overflow that sometimes comes with Christmas can sure be an eye opener. Maybe it’s time to put a…read more

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Sell Your Car Online Before the New Year

If you want to sell your car online, one of the best opportunities is coming soon. The end of the year is typically a good time to find deals on cars. This doesn’t only apply to car dealerships, it’s for online sales too. At Zikl, our unique member-monitored community is a great place to list…read more

Zikl community

Getting to Know the Zikl Community

When buying or selling online to people whom you have never met, there is always a nagging fear of being ripped off. Or even worse, you can actually be putting your life in danger by dealing with unscrupulous people that you meet online. In the Zikl community, we understand these fears and have found ways…read more