Maintaining a Culture of Inclusion and Transparency

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Maintaining a Culture of Inclusion and Transparency


Here at, we understand how important it is to sell your products right away and find the things you’re looking for ASAP. But these aren’t our only priorities, and we hope they’re not yours, too. Instead of focusing too much on making and closing sales, we want to concentrate on developing a culture of inclusion and transparency and ensure we can maintain this culture for years to  come. We strive to do this by focusing our efforts here:


Encouraging everyone to sign up

And by “everyone”, we mean everyone — regardless of age, gender, religion, political beliefs, social standing, educational background, work experience, and other factors. As long as you can verify your identity and conduct fair and honest transactions with other members, you’re free to use the site and take advantage of the services it offers.


Reminding sellers to be transparent

Even if online shopping has become the norm, we understand that not everyone is comfortable with it. And with good reason — we’ve heard a lot of news stories wherein people bought something online and were either given the wrong item or cheated out of money.


We want to make sure that this won’t happen here at This is why we remind our sellers to be transparent at all times. If you want to sell something on, you need to:



Maintaining good communication with our users

We encourage transparency not just between our buyers and sellers but also between us and our users. We want you to know that we’re always right behind you to provide technical support and customer service, so feel free to get in touch with us any time. Whether you have a question about our system or spot a fake inquiry and want to report it, contact us through email right away and we’ll get back to you ASAP.


These are just some of the ways through which we maintain inclusion and transparency in our business. We know how important these two factors are, which is why you have our promise that they will always be a part of