The How and Why of Using Neighborhood Markets


The How and Why of Using Neighborhood Markets

Many people opt to buy from supermarket chains and big-name department stores instead

of shopping from their neighborhood markets. This isn’t really a huge crime but, if you’re

one of these folks, you have to realize that you can accomplish more if you purchase from

the community marketplaces in your area. It might take a huge effort to change your

shopping habits, but the hard work is worth it since you’ll get to enjoy several benefits.


By shopping from your neighborhood markets, you’ll get to:

1) Keep money within your community

Most corporations are focused on increasing their earnings so, when you buy from them,

the only thing you’re doing is helping them increase their revenues and inflate their

bottom line. This isn’t the case when you purchase from your local markets. Since many

local retailers invest their earnings back into the community, you’ll help in improving the

economic health of your town or city and keep it thriving and vibrant.

2) Help create many jobs

As mentioned above, local retailers spend most of their revenues in the community. This,

in turn, paves the way for the creation of employment opportunities in your neighborhood,

providing jobs to those who are struggling to find work and helping them earn a decent

income for themselves and their family. This won’t only alleviate poverty in your area but it

will also boost its economy.

3) Get advice and discounts

Many clerks in supermarket chains and department stores don’t really care if you shop

there again or not, but this isn’t really the case when you buy from neighborhood markets.

Local retailers are keen not just to make a sale but to have loyal clients, and they’ll reward

your loyalty by offering discounts on your next purchases or throwing in a free item or

two. They’ll also give you helpful advice; a local retailer of beauty products, for instance,

can provide you with tips on how to eliminate pimples and other skin problems.


Now that you know the importance of supporting neighborhood markets, you need to

know where you can show your support. Here are some of the marketplaces that you can


1) Farmers’ markets

If you’re planning to shop for groceries, this should be your first stop. Farmers’ markets

often have fresh and high-quality produce, so you only have to shop around and pick the

fruits and vegetables you want.

2) Art fairs

By visiting these places, you’ll find a wide range of paintings, illustrations, sculptures, and

other kinds of artwork that will brighten up your home or make fantastic gifts. You’ll also

discover the works of talented local artists who may go on to become famous


3) Online communities

Browsing through garage sales can be fun but, if you don’t have the time to trawl through

them, you can visit online marketplaces like Zikl instead. Here, you’ll find a range of items

(both new and used) that are put up for sale by the people in your community. Just

browse through the various listings, choose the products you want, place your orders, and

wait for them to arrive at your doorstep.

Show your support for neighborhood markets now and help make a difference in your